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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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"The Confectionery Queen"

Asian Wealth Magazine


With entrepreneurial blood running through Kiran Mandalia's veins running her own business was inevitable.  Entertaining life as a Management Accountant and working for corporations such as the BBC and Thomson Reuters, Kiran made the decision to leave her corporate surroundings and took the bold step to set up her own venture. 

Having identified a gap in the market for luxury bakers, Kiran delved into the world of confectionery and vowed to provide a superior product using the finest ingredients matched with the highest level of service for each and every client.  Her company Cake Boulevard was born and through time her cakes began their journey and were welcomed into leading Wedding magazines such as Wedding Ideas, Asiana, Khush Magazine as well as being featured on Channel 5’s Billionaire Babies.

Thriving to offer new concepts, Kiran approached industry’s finest to form collaborations of their unique worlds into one.  One of her most well-known was with Kyles Collection, who create bespoke Swarovski jewellery.  The intricate Swarovski pieces were sketched and crafted by Kyles head designer Nisha Dadi and were adorned on the exclusive cakes crafted by the Cake Boulevard team to create showpiece statement Wedding Cakes. 

With the world of henna taking a more glamorous step forward, Kiran turned her attention to developing a collection suited to those clients who were looking for a fusion of style where east meets west.  An exclusive collaboration with Ash Kumar was born. A double Guinness Book World record holder for the world fastest henna artist, his work has featured in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies.  A collection of Wedding cakes were crafted with Ash Kumars signature henna print and 3d pieces crafted from sugar.

Kiran Mandalia's Blog and Instagram is a great way to follow her journey and incredible works of art.  You will also capture a glimpse into her endearing passion of Afternoon Tea and delicate desserts.

Founder of Cake Boulevard

Kiran took her dream and opened her boutique (Head Office), Cake Boulevard in 2014.  This base has become a sanctuary and an inspirational base to further Kiran's artistic skills, conduct consultations for her Wedding Clients and provides the perfect space for her MasterClasses. 

Cake Boulevard's stunning boutique is equipped with a State of the Art Kitchen, Preparation Zone and Art Zone.  The brand has moved from strength to strength through the sheer dedication and focus of achieving her passion. 


Cake Boulevard has evolved and leads the way in the industry.  Kiran's vision to grow into a team of Bakers and Cake Artists trained exclusively under her wing came to life.  This in turn has opened up opportunities of partnering with Media and high end suppliers within the world of the hospitality industry.

The ethos for Cake Boulevard remains the same as day one, which is to provide a superior quality product using the finest ingredients matched with the highest level of service for each and every client.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Kiran has always had a passion for food and all things sweet. Having been awarded cake designer of the year and been nominated as a finalist for numerous awards, she is geared for her next venture on sharing her wealth of knowledge with those who are filled with a passion of running their own businesses as Cake Artists or for individuals who have a love for baking as a hobby and are looking to perfect their skills.

With Kiran's vast experience she has set out to share all the knowledge acquired over the years to help students take their business to the next level and allow them to enter the realm of glamour within the Wedding and hospitality industry.

The courses on offer are split into three segments and are rich in content: 


The first segment are the individual MasterClasses which allow you to select the gaps you want to bridge to improve your skills.


The second segment has been created as an exclusive opportunity to enrol on an Elite MasterClass.  Kiran will personally guide you through many processes including decorating cakes in various mediums, master different aspects of decor for your creations, gain an understanding of the design and planning process as well as learning key skills to sketch your designs.  On completion of this course you will become a member of the Cake Boulevard Collective and will be endorsed through blogs and social media channels owned by Kiran Mandalia.   

The third segment is the Strategic Business MasterClass which includes re-evaluating your business plan, marketing strategy, advise on book keeping, pricing strategy and an overview of local authority requirements as well as many other elements to run a successful business.

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