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the cake boulevard collective

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Setting the standard for the industry

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a platform for cake artists to generate more traction for their business

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"Tales of Wedding Cake Success"

Khush Wedding Magazine


With a wealth of experience, knowledge and network established within the Events Industry, Kiran Mandalia has created a platform that forms a Collective of Cake Artists.  The artists are those that are working from their residence or workshop who are in unison with their ethos of providing a high end quality product and service for their clients.  The market is saturated and standing out amongst the sheer volume of competitors can be challenging.  The Cake Boulevard Collective platform provides your individual creativity to flow whilst maintaining your current branding as well as using your own treasured and perfected recipes for your cakes.  Being a member of the collective allows you to gain more exposure and allows you to connect with Kiran's network to generate more business.

As founder of Cake Boulevard, Kiran has grown the brand to a level where her client consultation are steered towards design and forming a relationship as appose to pure sales techniques as her clients have already decided they want to work with Kiran and the Cake Boulevard Brand.  Being part of the Cake Boulevard Collective will allow us to recommend our clients to you for their requirements.  

The pre-requisite for membership to the collective is an investment into the one to one Elite MasterClass which is conducted over a 2 week period.  The course is rich in content where Kiran will personally guide you through many processes including decorating cakes with a high end luxury finish in various mediums, mastering different aspects of decor for your creations, gaining an understanding of the design and planning process with an aim to streamline processing as well as learning the key skills required to sketch your designs.  The course is tailored to your skill level and requirements based on your experience.  On completion of this course you will become a member of the Cake Boulevard Collective and will be endorsed through blogs and social media channels owned by Kiran Mandalia.  There is an appreciation that as bakers you may have developed your own recipes which Kiran will approve to meet the standards set for members of the Collective. 


An annual fee to £995 is payable after the first year to retain your membership within the collective.  The annual fee permits your promotion as a member of the Cake Boulevard Collective.  Your company will be approached for blogs, social media content and promoted through media channels that are owned by Kiran Mandalia, with links back to your website and social media pages.  This further opens a mentoring platform of an annual consultation with Kiran Mandalia to review new trends and styles that will be coming into the market along with any new techniques and efficiencies you can implement within your production process.  

Each applicant needs to have a specific criteria prior to booking the course.  This includes:


  • Local authority approval to work from your premises or workshop.

  • A hygiene rating of 4 or above issued by the local authority

  • Insurance for your business including Public Liability Insurance of a minimum of £3m, if you would like to cater for the wedding industry then some venues do require £5m.    

Cake Boulevard specialise only in the larger events industry and MasterClasses as well as select celebration cakes.  This in turn opens up potential customer enquiries that we are unable to fulfill.  Our aim is to steer the clients to our collective platform to enquire, and therefore directing more leads within the collective.  Wedding enquiries will also be steered to the platform where we are fully booked.  

The aim of this initiative is to help Cake Artists working from home to step onto a larger platform, with the aim of growing their business at a faster pace.  Kiran has an established head office and boutique and is accessible to passing trade.  This allows members of the collective  to be customer facing without incurring the fixed overheads associated with running a high street bakery.  Investing in a traditional franchise includes an investment that is not attainable by everyone and this course and membership to the Cake Boulevard Collective is an alternative and affordable opportunity to set up and run your own business.

I look forward to welcoming you to our collective group and look forward to being part of your journey of business growth.

Strategic Business MasterClass

Strategic MasterClass

Having left the corporate world as a Management Accountant, Kiran Mandalia has built a successful business and brand.  Her wealth of experience would be a perfect resource for your own business development.  Her aim is to gain an understanding and insight of your business strategy, accounting system, social media content, branding and your website.   

Guidance, advise and a clear strategy is thereafter derived to suit your business.  Each Strategic MasterClass is tailored to your needs and is not in a standard format.  Kiran is a great believer in delivering a high quality, content driven course.  A course structure tailored to your specific needs will ensure you achieve valuable direction for your business to succeed.

Kiran will dedicate three 5 hour sessions with a follow up session of 3 hours to review and assess the strategy.

If your aim is to be a part of the Cake Boulevard Collective and want to realise your aspirations of running your own business as a Cake Artist, this course will ensure you have all the elements required to achieve a successful business plan to match your product and visibility within the industry.

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