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Strategic Business MasterClass

With a background in Management Accountancy and having worked in the corporate world, Kiran Mandalia holds a wealth of experience to take your business to the next level.


This is an opportunity to re-evaluate your business with Kiran Mandalia and develop a strategic plan to implement within your business strategy.


We will review your branding, pricing, social media presence, how to attract and retain customers as well as delve into how to streamline processes to maintain efficiencies within your business.

Strategic Business MasterClass

  • This course is detailed and provides a wealth of information.  An initial phone consultation & request for information via a form will take place prior to your course date to ensure the material provided is relevant to your requirements.

    The course will run for three 5 hour sessions and a complimentary 3 hour session as follows:

    Session 1: 

    1. An overview of your current processes and business strategy - this includes your social media platforms, website and any other forms of media used to gain exposure for your business
    2. How you can increase your visibility to attract more leads
    3. A guide on your duties - these include Local Authority approval, insurance, health & safety and risk assessments.

    Session 2:

    1. Pricing Strategy MasterClass on a one to one basis
    2. How to use Networking to gain more traction for your business
    3. Understanding your customer profile and how to target your marketing strategy

    Session 3:

    1. How to maintain momentum on your marketing strategy
    2. How to create a 3 - 5 year business plan
    3. How to chunk your To-Do list and complete your tasks with greater efficiencies
    4. An insight into book keeping and using online accounting tools to improve effecincies

    Your Complimentary 3 Hour Session:

    • This can be split into 3 one hour coaching sessions with Kiran Mandalia to discuss any areas from your course where you may need more guidance.  They would need to be taken within 6 months of completing your Strategic Business MasterClass

    The dates for the MasterClass will be set to suit our diary.  We recommend 3 continuous days for the class.

    All information relayed to Kiran Mandalia will be kept confidential.

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